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Who is Sara Matter?

Sara Matter, an esteemed luminary in the Canadian business realm, has gained global acclaim, not merely for her personal triumphs but also as the spouse of the illustrious American thespian, Niall Matter. Niall ascended to eminence through his riveting protagonist portrayals in assorted adolescent dramas, enrapturing audiences across the globe. Despite the focus on her husband’s flourishing vocation, Sara has etched her own distinct identity, making substantial contributions to the commercial landscape.

The matrimonial alliance of Sara and Niall has proven to be a resolute and blissful odyssey, maneuvering through the intricacies of connubial existence with finesse and tenacity. Their enduring romantic saga has spanned numerous years, establishing a bedrock of vigor and camaraderie. Embracing the delights and trials that accompany wedlock, Sara and Niall have nurtured a winsome and harmonious rapport that transcends the glitz and allure of the showbiz sphere.

Beyond their shared professional and personal triumphs, the pair has been bestowed with the blessings of parenthood. Two progeny grace their domicile, infusing immeasurable joy and profundity into their familial tether. The Matters have welcomed the obligations and delights of nurturing a family, crafting a fostering milieu that mirrors their shared principles and dedication to one another.

While Sara forges ahead in the corporate domain and Niall enthralls spectators with his on-screen exploits, the Matters stand as a testimony to the potency of love, partnership, and reciprocal encouragement. Their odyssey serves as an inspirational chronicle of two entities flourishing in their respective domains, concurrently cultivating a profound and everlasting bond that transcends the confines of celebrity and triumph. Unitedly, Sara and Niall Matter epitomize the core of a congruous and enriching partnership, leaving an indelible imprint on both the corporate and entertainment realms.

Sara Matter Bio

Sara Bradley Matter, a Canadian business magnate, gained significant recognition in the realm of entrepreneurship. Though she prefers to be called just Sara, she has succeeded in creating her own niche despite keeping the details of her work life private.

One thing is certain despite the secrecy surrounding her commercial endeavors: Sara is a formidable opponent. Her perseverance and tenacity, which have surely been crucial to her success, are evident in the Canadian business environment.

Even while we may not be privy to all the juicy details of Sara’s work, her decision to pursue entrepreneurship says volumes. It takes a combination of strategic thinking and sheer guts to navigate the challenging world of business, and Sara seems to have both.

Sara Matter Wiki

NameSara Matter
Real NameSara Bradley
Nick NameSara
Date Of Birth5th of May 1986
Age37 years old (As of 2023)
Birth PlaceUSA
Weight61 KG
Height5 Feet 5 Inches
Net Worth$4 Million Dollars
HusbandNiall Matter
ChildrenKate and Betsy

Sara Matter Age

Sara, the Canadian businesswoman, entered this world on May 5, 1986, proudly claiming her Canadian roots from day one. Her life’s journey has been weaved together with experiences, development, and accomplishments at the age of 37 in 2024. Canada is more than simply a destination to Sara; it’s a part of who she is, having been raised there. Her adult life is guided by the principles that were ingrained in her during her upbringing.

Home for Sara is still her hometown in Canada, where she revels in the joy of companionship with her husband, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of her native land. Being a Leo, Sara embodies the qualities of a natural leader, radiating warmth and strength – traits that likely play a role in her success in the business world.

Her Christian faith and Canadian nationality are not just aspects of her identity; they’re pillars that provide a deep sense of belonging and pride in her life. At 37, Sara Matter’s age is a badge of the rich experiences that have molded her. With strong ties to her family and an unwavering love for her country, Sara gracefully sails through life’s journey, proudly embracing her role as a true Canadian.

Height and weight

Sara Matter has this undeniable presence that catches your eye – standing tall at around 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm or 1.67 m). It’s like she effortlessly owns her graceful stature. To top it off, she keeps a healthy weight of about 110 lbs (50 kg), giving off vibes of someone who knows the importance of balance in life. And can we talk about those proportions? Her measurements are 34-24-35, which shows off a perfectly shaped figure.

However, it goes beyond the figures.

 Sara’s eyes, a deep and expressive black, tell a story of their own. There’s something enchanting about them, like they give you a sneak peek into her personality. And that lustrous brown hair? It’s the finishing touch that gives her entire appearance a hint of refinement and coziness.

There’s more to her remarkable physical features than first meets the eye. As if to say, “Hey, I not only look good, but I’m committed to staying healthy and balanced.” Sara would say that. Her interesting personality stems from her all-around beauty and sincere commitment to wellbeing.

Sara Matter’s Husband

In the realm of showbiz accomplishments, Niall Matter, a highly versatile Canadian-American thespian, has left an enduring imprint, particularly within the Hallmark Channel movie domain. Possessing an alluring presence, Niall has graced screens in excess of 20 Hallmark cinematic endeavors, imprinting a lasting impression on viewers with creations such as “Halt the Matrimonial Ceremony,” “Discovering Paternal Yuletide,” “When Beckons the Heart,” and “Adoration Inceptive Terpsichore.”

Initiating his journey in the acting sphere during the early aughts, Niall carved his initial niche through diverse television exhibitions, encompassing “The Optimal Years,” “Stargate Atlantis,” and “Eureka.” His artistic ability even reached the silver screen, where she made a lasting impression in iconic parts in motion pictures as “Dr.. Dolittle’s Journey to the Chief” and “The Preying Entity.”

Nonetheless, it was the 2016 Hallmark sensskill also translated to the silver screen, where she made a lasting impression in iconic parts in motion pictures like “Dr.ation, “Halt the Matrimonial Ceremony,” that propelled Niall Matter into the spotlight, cementing his stature as one of Hallmark’s revered thespians. Viewers resonate with his enactments, lauding him for his on-screen charm and even bestowing accolades upon him.

Beyond the glitter of Tinseltown, Niall epitomizes a committed patriarch. His existence intricately interwoven with that of Sara Matter, his spouse, they jointly traverse the odyssey of parenthood, nurturing two remarkable progeny. Despite his inclination towards seclusion, Niall stays tethered to his admirers through social media, proffering glimpses into his existence and shared moments with his cherished ones.

Niall Matter transcends the realm of mere acting prowess; he emerges as an inspirational figure. His capability to strike an equitable equilibrium between a flourishing vocation and his roles as a dedicated spouse and progenitor serves as a guiding light for many. Niall is venerated as an exemplar, epitomizing the flawless amalgamation of professional triumphs and steadfast allegiance to familial life.

Sara Matter’s Love story

Sara Matter and Niall Matter, popular members of the Hallmark community, recently celebrated seven incredible years of marriage after being joined in a lovely wedding in July 2016. Imagine this charming scene: a small group of close friends and family celebrating outside in the beautiful weather of Kauai, Hawaii, with lots of love in the air.

Full of joy, Niall couldn’t contain his excitement and shared a glowing photo of the happy couple on Facebook, telling everyone about their happiness.

Since that picturesque day, Sara and Niall have intricately woven the fabric of their lives together, savoring the warmth of marital bliss. Their family has grown, welcoming two delightful daughters, Kate and Betsy. Fans continue to be enchanted by the fairytale-like connection between the couple, witnessing their genuine love and unwavering support for each other.

Each anniversary becomes a nostalgic journey back to that unforgettable Hawaiian paradise. They lovingly reminisce about the breathtaking scenery, the heartfelt vows exchanged, and the overwhelming abundance of love that surrounded them. The dedication they show to each other stands as a heartwarming inspiration for everyone fortunate enough to witness their extraordinary journey.

Sara Matter Children

Several months after their magical wedding in 2016, the Matters were delighted to welcome a precious addition to their family. In that year, the couple became parents to a lovely baby girl, whom they named Kate Matter. Their hearts were overflowing with happiness at becoming parents for the first time, and they enthusiastically embraced parenting and treasured the shared path they were now traveling.

The Matters’ family expanded once more in 2018 after two years, with the birth of their second child, a stunning baby girl named Betsy Matter.

 The expansion of their family brought immense joy and fulfillment. Upon Betsy’s arrival, Niall Matter expressed the transformative impact of fatherhood on his life, remarking, “Having kids really softened my heart; dealing with them and my wife, who I love dearly.” Niall’s words reflected the profound love and connection he felt for his growing family, highlighting the transformative power of fatherhood and the deep bond he shared with Sara and their daughters. This new chapter in their lives marked a unique and special place for the Matters, where the love and joy of parenthood became a defining aspect of their shared journey.

Sara Matter Career

Sara Matter’s professional odyssey has proven truly extraordinary, characterized by a distinguished career that mirrors her aptitude and fervor across a spectrum of domains. Her mastery in her chosen vocation has etched an indelible mark on spectators, propelled by her unyielding commitment and assiduous work ethos. Sara’s dossier is embellished with myriad undertakings where she consistently unveils her adaptability and expertise, establishing herself as a multitalented professional.

Across the trajectory of her profession, Sara has soared to unprecedented pinnacles, affording her the privilege to engage with some of the most adept individuals in the sector. Her dedication to her art stands as an authentic wellspring of motivation, steering through the complexities of her endeavors with exactitude and an allegiance to eminence. Sara Matter’s abiding influence in her occupational pursuits resonates enduringly, positioning her as a noteworthy luminary in her respective arenas.

Sara Matter Net worth

Sara Matter is quite the savvy businesswoman, rocking an estimated net worth somewhere between $2 to $5 million dollars. Her main cash flow comes from her successful ventures, and boy, has she made a name for herself! Not only has she raked in the big bucks, but she’s also living the high life that matches her triumphs in the business world. You can see it’s not just luck – Sara’s dedication and business know-how have really paid off.

But here’s the power couple twist: her hubby, Niall Matter, is also in the game, adding about $5 million dollars to their joint moolah. As a team, Sara and Niall aren’t just successful individually; they’ve built a solid financial foundation together. This duo isn’t just about business – they’re mixing it up with a dash of entertainment, creating a perfect combo of professional success and living the good life.

Sara Matter Favourite things

Exploring Sara Matter’s likes and dislikes provides a peek into her personal world. She shares a special affinity for dogs, finding joy and companionship in these loyal creatures. When it comes to food, Sara delights in Canadian Cuisine, showcasing a love for the diverse and flavorful dishes from her homeland.

In the entertainment realm, her talented husband, Niall Matter, takes the spotlight as her favorite actor. However, details about her preferred actress remain a mystery for now. Sara has a penchant for the classy color combination of pink, white, and black, which shows off her sophisticated yet adaptable sense of style.

Although these observations provide some insight into Sara Matter’s inclinations, there is still much to learn about her top interests.

 Ongoing efforts are in place to gather and update this information, providing a more complete picture of the tastes and choices that contribute to Sara’s distinct personality and lifestyle.


Sara Matter, born Sara Bradley in 1986, is a Canadian businesswoman known for her significant contributions to entrepreneurship. Married to the versatile Canadian-American actor Niall Matter, the couple shares a blissful and enduring relationship. They have two daughters, Kate and Betsy. Sara is a private individual, but her success in the business world speaks volumes about her perseverance and strategic thinking.


  1. Full Name: Sara Bradley Matter
  2. Date of Birth: May 5, 1986
  3. Age: 37 years (as of 2023)
  4. Birthplace: USA
  5. Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  6. Weight: 61 kg
  7. Net Worth: $4 million
  8. Profession: Businesswoman
  9. Husband: Niall Matter
  10. Children: Kate and Betsy


Who is Sara Matter?

 Sara Matter is a Canadian businesswoman known for her entrepreneurship. She is married to actor Niall Matter and has two daughters, Kate and Betsy.

What is Sara Matter’s net worth?

Sara Matter’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

What is Sara Matter’s husband’s name?

Sara Matter’s husband is Niall Matter, a Canadian-American actor.

How many children does Sara Matter have?

Sara Matter has two children, named Kate and Betsy, with her husband Niall Matter.

Where was Sara Matter born?

Sara Matter was born in the USA.

What is Sara Matter’s height and weight?

Sara Matter’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is 61 kg.

What is Sara Matter’s favorite color?

Sara Matter has a penchant for the color combination of pink, white, and black.

What is Sara Matter’s favorite cuisine?

 Sara Matter delights in Canadian Cuisine, showcasing her love for the diverse and flavorful dishes from her homeland.

What is Sara Matter’s husband, Niall Matter’s, profession?

Niall Matter is a versatile Canadian-American actor known for his work in the Hallmark Channel movies and various television shows.

When did Sara Matter and Niall Matter get married?

Sara Matter and Niall Matter got married in July 2016, celebrating seven years of marriage as of 2023.

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