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Who is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman ?

Amidst the expansive tapestry of the entertainment domain, where a myriad of luminaries cast their brilliance, one individual commands attention with a web intricately woven into the limelight through familial ties to the esteemed Zendaya. This distinctive persona is none other than Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, the younger sibling of the celebrated American luminary renowned for her roles as an actress, vocalist, dancer, and producer.

Zendaya’s odyssey through the realms of entertainment commenced with a foray into modeling during her formative years, gradually forging a path that led to the zenith of stardom. Her inaugural appearance transpired in the lauded television series “Good Luck Charlie” in 2011, initially gracing the screen as a background dancer. Since that seminal moment, Zendaya has etched an indelible imprint on the industry, showcasing her multifaceted talents across a spectrum of television productions and cinematic endeavors.

Within this celestial tapestry of aptitude, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman ascends as the progeny of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, unfolding a narrative distinct from her sister’s but irrevocably tethered to the radiance of Zendaya. While Zendaya glistens as a luminary, Kaylee steps into the radiance, not merely by familial connection but as an entity navigating the entertainment panorama alongside her sister’s well-established presence. As the junior scion to Zendaya’s multifaceted and accomplished stardom, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman perpetuates the allure, commanding attention and evoking inquisitiveness within the perpetually evolving realm of the entertainment industry.



Growing up in the vibrant city of Oakland, California, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman entered the world in 2003 as the youngest member of the Coleman-Stoermer clan. Her parents, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer, crafted the backdrop of her childhood, surrounded by the energy of her siblings Zendaya, Katianna, Anna Bella, Austin, and Julien.

The Coleman-Stoermer family’s story, unfortunately, remains a bit of a mystery, with scant details available about their lives beyond their names. In stark contrast to the later fame that embraced Zendaya, the family journeyed through earlier chapters marked by their father’s roles as a bodyguard and gym teacher. Conversely, Claire was instrumental in guiding the ship at home and providing her kids with a secure and nurturing atmosphere.

Zendaya became extremely famous, but Kaylee’s early years appeared to be more typical of a typical household. The Coleman-Stoermer family narrative is a fascinating tapestry of diverse experiences, each family member contributing to the collective history. The lack of detailed information only adds to the allure, making the Coleman-Stoermer family a captivating piece of Oakland’s story.


Full NameKaylee Stoermer Coleman
Father’s NameKazembe Ajamu Coleman
Mother’s NameClaire Stoermer
Popular ForZendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
Date of BirthOctober 4, 2003
BirthplaceOakland, California


Entering this world in 2003, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman has now stepped into the realm of her twenties. From the get-go, the sparkle of camera flashes has been a familiar companion, with spectators holding their breath, hoping she might tread a path akin to her sister’s and emerge as the next big sensation. The buzz surrounding Kaylee’s journey mirrors the enduring fascination of those who keenly observe the lives of individuals tethered to the limelight, eager to witness the unfurling of what could be another remarkable tale.

Height and weight

Born in 2003, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman has now hit the ripe age of 20. From the get-go, the spotlight seemed to follow her, as if the world anticipated she’d take after her sister and become the next big thing. The expectations surrounding Kaylee’s journey mirror the ongoing fascination people have with those connected to the limelight, all waiting to see if another remarkable story is about to unfold.

In terms of physical stature, Kaylee shares a bit of a family resemblance with her sister Zendaya. But the interesting twist lies in the trajectory of her growth, suggesting she might outgrow her older sibling. Kaylee, who is 5 feet 1 inch and weighs 105 pounds, has adopted a lifestyle that is firmly based in health and fitness. Her father, a former gym teacher and health expert, left her this inheritance.

The family used to all benefit from their old man’s expertise, which kept them all in peak condition. That family commitment to a healthy lifestyle is reflected in Kaylee’s recorded body measurements – 33-29-34. As Kaylee charts her course through life, her dedication to well-being becomes a key part of who she is, not just physically, but in the way she tackles life head-on.

Early life

Born on a lively October 4, 2003, in the heart of Oakland, California, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is now approaching her twenties. Her dad, the well-known Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, has been the guiding force behind her older sister Zendaya’s career, navigating the twists and turns of the entertainment world. This means Kaylee’s roots are firmly planted in the glamorous soil of showbiz.

At home, her mom, Claire Stoermer, isn’t just an educator at Fruitvale Elementary School in Oakland; she also adds a touch of artistry to life, managing residences at the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda.

The Coleman family tapestry is a rich mix of Afro-American roots from Arkansas on her dad’s side, and a sprinkle of Scottish and German heritage from her mom. As the youngest from her dad’s first marriage, Kaylee shares the family space with two brothers and three sisters.

Even though she’s the younger half-sister to the famous Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, Kaylee prefers to stay out of the public eye. The Coleman family, respecting their own space, keeps a tight lid on details about Zendaya’s siblings, including Kaylee. So, beyond Zendaya, much of what we know about Kaylee and her siblings remains a bit of a mystery, adding that extra layer of allure to their lives amidst the whirlwind of fame and family.


While the online world doesn’t spill the beans on Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s academic journey, it’s pretty clear that she’s had the privilege of a top-notch education, probably thanks to the whole celeb status with her dad and sister. Money doesn’t seem to be a hurdle, considering the comfortable lifestyle her family enjoys and her age. Word on the street is that she’s bagged her High School Diploma recently, proving she’s no slouch when it comes to hitting the books, even at a young age.

The shining star in her family, Kaylee’s got that glow from her parents’ excellent upbringing. Education’s her thing, and she’s showing serious commitment to growing not just personally but intellectually too. Just like her sis Zendaya, Kaylee’s a standout, not just in books but also in her social scene, making waves both at school and at home.

With a buzzing social circle, Kaylee’s all about building strong connections. She values her relationships, proving she’s not just brains but also a compassionate and friendly soul. Even though she’s got the fame connection, Kaylee’s keeping it chill on social media, not going for the big splash like her sister Zendaya. It’s a peek into her preference for a more private life.

At the heart of Kaylee’s world is her big sis Zendaya Maree, someone she holds in high esteem. The sisterly bond is alive and well, with shared leisure time and those Insta-worthy pics that spill the beans on their shared joy.

As Kaylee cruises through her school life, it’s clear she’s got her eyes on the educational prize. Right now, she’s leaning on her parents and big sis for financial support, in that phase where she’s gearing up to launch her professional career. With education in her corner, family having her back, and Zendaya’s influence, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s gearing up to leave her mark on the world, building on the solid foundations laid during her growing-up years.

Personal life 

In the latest updates, Zendaya’s little sis is riding the solo wave, steering clear of any romantic rollercoaster. Love drama is not her scene right now – she’s deep into her studies and doing her own thing. At 20, she’s on the brink of adulthood, and unlike the glare on big sis Zendaya’s life, her personal world is all low-key.

Beyond the books, this young explorer’s got a thing for adventure. Jet-setting and uncovering new spots are her jam, bringing some thrill to her laid-back style. When she’s not buried in textbooks, she’s soaking in the good vibes of friends and family – real connections rule over the craziness of the public eye.

While Zendaya’s sis is navigating the maze of personal stuff and figuring things out, she’s keeping it chill, keeping that side of her life tucked away from the prying eyes of the world. It’s about doing her thing at her own pace and having some autonomy. So, as she steps into adulthood, her tale is a mix of youthful energy, hitting the books, and finding joy in exploring the world around her.

Kaylee’s sister Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman was born on September 1st, 1996, and has left a significant mark in the entertainment industry. She is recognized for her versatility as an actress, model, dancer, and American singer. She has won multiple prestigious prizes, such as the Saturn, Satellite, and Primetime Emmys. Zendaya’s odyssey under the spotlight initiated as a juvenile model and supporting dancer before securing her inaugural role in the Disney Channel comedic series “Shake It Up” spanning from 2010 to 2013, embodying the persona of Rocky Blue.

Venturing beyond the cinematic domain, Zendaya has indelibly left her mark in the sartorial realm, gracing the campaigns of eminent apparel labels such as Macy’s, Old Navy, and Mervyn’s. Despite her conspicuous prominence, the Coleman family tenaciously safeguards the private spheres of Zendaya’s siblings. Notwithstanding this circumspection, Zendaya herself maintains an active virtual presence, commanding a substantial audience on social media platforms like Instagram.

Concerning familial dynamics, Zendaya is an integral component of a familial constellation comprising three sisters and two brothers. Brimming with pride for her American nationality, she embarked on her trajectory in the entertainment industry at a tender age, ultimately metamorphosing into a youthful luminary endowed with a diverse skill repertoire that consistently captivates global audiences.

Additional information 

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman emerges as a budding luminary, being the offspring of the renowned Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Her father, a prominent figure in the celebrity sphere, assumes the roles of guardian and manager for Zendaya on a full-time basis. Kaylee, sibling to Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, owes her introduction to the public eye to this familial connection.

Yet, the existence of Zendaya’s sister remains veiled in mystery, a deliberate choice by the Coleman family to shroud certain aspects of their lives in secrecy. Zendaya, a luminary in Hollywood celebrated for her acting, modeling, backup dancing, and melodic prowess, casts a radiant presence on the entertainment stage. In contrast, Kaylee, a student navigating the corridors of academia, is a youthful soul devoting her attention to studies, being approximately 19 years old.


My name is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, and October 4, 2003, was my birthday. In actuality, she is the younger sister of Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, who is highly brilliant. I was raised in Oakland, California, which has a distinct West Coast feel to it. Despite being in the shadow of her sister’s fame, Kaylee keeps her life pretty private. With a family all into showbiz, she’s just doing her thing – figuring out adulthood, hitting the books, and exploring life on her own terms.

Key Facts:

  1. Family Ties: Kaylee is the daughter of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer. She has three sisters and two brothers, including Zendaya.
  2. Early Life: Born in 2003, Kaylee spent her childhood in Oakland, surrounded by a diverse mix of Afro-American and Scottish-German heritage.
  3. Education: While details about her academic journey are limited, Kaylee is reported to have recently earned her High School Diploma.
  4. Physical Characteristics: Standing at 5 feet 1 inch and weighing 105 pounds, Kaylee follows a health-focused lifestyle inherited from her father, a former gym teacher.
  5. Personal Life: At 20, Kaylee is currently focused on her studies and enjoys exploring new places. She keeps her personal life low-key and is not involved in any publicized romantic relationships.
  6. Sister’s Stardom: Zendaya, born in 1996, has achieved significant success as an actress, model, and singer. She began her career with Disney’s “Shake It Up” and has since garnered numerous awards.
  7. Social Media Presence: Unlike her sister Zendaya, Kaylee maintains a more private online presence and stays away from the limelight.


What is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman known for?

Kaylee is known for being the younger sister of Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, a highly successful actress and singer.

What are Kaylee’s physical measurements?

Kaylee is reported to have body measurements of 33-29-34, with a height of 5 feet 1 inch and a weight of 105 pounds.

What is known about Kaylee’s early life and family background?

Kaylee was born in 2003 in Oakland, California, to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer. Her family includes three sisters and two brothers, with diverse cultural roots.

Is Kaylee active on social media like her sister Zendaya?

Kaylee maintains a more private online presence and is not as active on social media as her sister Zendaya.

What is Kaylee’s current focus in life?

At 20, Kaylee is focused on her studies, personal exploration, and maintaining a low-key lifestyle. She is not currently involved in any publicized romantic relationships.

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