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Certainly! A well-known character in the pickleball community, Anna Leigh Waters has attracted the interest of sports fans with her extraordinary abilities on the court. Amidst the fervent admiration for her remarkable performances, curiosity naturally arises regarding her financial standing. Many are eager to uncover the details of Anna Leigh Waters’ net worth, while others seek insights into various facets of her life. In the following sections, we delve into the most pressing questions and topics surrounding Anna Leigh Waters, offering a comprehensive exploration of her journey and achievements.

Net worth of Anna Leigh Waters

Anna Leigh Waters has been a well-known personality in the pickleball scene since 2022. She is a very talented player in mixed doubles, singles, and doubles. Her skill on the court has led to several championship victories in tough competitions, enhancing her standing as a fierce rival. In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Waters’ extraordinary abilities have helped her achieve significant success in her professional and financial pursuits. Her estimated net worth has grown to $2 million due to her athletic skill and other achievements.

Who is Anna Leigh Waters?

Professional pickleball player Anna Leigh Waters is 26 years old and has gained notoriety since her birth on January 26, 2007. She is rated #1 in doubles, mixed doubles, and singles according to the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) rankings as of October 2022. She became the youngest professional pickleball player in history when she turned twelve. Waters, a Florida resident of Delray Beach, discovered pickleball during Hurricane Irma in 2017. She’s won a ton of championships since then and is known for competing with her mother, Leigh Waters. Strong and combative, Anna made history in 2022 when she and her mother played in the first-ever nationally televised pickleball match, cemented their pioneering reputation.

Anna Leigh Waters’s Bio 

Born on January 26, 2007, Anna Leigh Waters became the youngest professional pickleball player in history at the age of twelve. When Waters was ten years old, her grandfather in Allentown, Pennsylvania, introduced her to the game, and she quickly developed an intense interest in it. She displayed a natural talent and grew deeply dedicated to mastering the sport.

Teaming up with her mother and other skilled players from her community, Waters honed her skills in both singles and doubles events. Supported by her family’s encouragement, she went as far as constructing multiple pickleball courts in her backyard. This created a dedicated space for her to train relentlessly and refine her abilities.

At sixteen years old, Florida native Anna Leigh Waters has made a big name for herself in the pickleball world. Her path serves as evidence of her ground-breaking accomplishments and unshakable dedication to the sport.


Real NameAnna Leigh Waters
Net Worth$2 million
Age17 years
Height5 feet 6 inches (167.64 cm)
Weight54 kg (119.05 lbs)
Date of BirthJanuary 26, 2007
Birth PlaceFlorida, USA
EducationHigh School Graduate
ProfessionPickleball Player
Skin ColorWhite
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignAquarius
Martial StatusSingle
BirthdayJanuary 26, 2007
Father’s NameStephen
Mother’s NameLeigh
Number of Cars2

Early life

When it came to athletics, Anna Leigh Waters’s career started with an incredible demonstration of talent and commitment, especially in tennis, where she often won championships. But it was pickleball that she discovered that really stoked her love. Pickleball, in contrast to tennis, captured Anna’s attention and she embraced the sport with an unparalleled zeal.

Transitioning from tennis to pickleball, a common trajectory among top-ranked players, proved to be a pivotal decision for Anna. It allowed her to quickly excel and surpass expectations with her performance on the court. Homeschooled by her mother, Leigh Waters, Anna enjoyed the flexibility and unwavering support necessary to pursue her athletic career from a young age.

Today, Anna, alongside her mother and doubles partner, Leigh, continues to leave an indelible mark on the pickleball world. Their dominance showcases Anna’s exceptional skill and unwavering dedication, underscoring her status as a formidable force in the sport.

Height and weight

Anna Leigh Waters, a professional athlete, places a high value on keeping her body in shape. At five feet six inches tall and fifty-four kg, she is a living example of how important physical health is to her line of work. It’s important to remember that, as a teenager, her weight may change as she grows and matures.

Anna Leigh Waters’s Education 

Anna Leigh received her foundational education directly from her mother, foregoing traditional schooling to focus on her early pickleball training. With a childhood dedicated to mastering the sport, Anna Leigh’s mother expressed the likelihood of her daughter postponing college to prioritize her burgeoning pickleball career.

Anna Leigh Waters’s Age

With regards to ladies’ singles, blended endlessly copies, Anna Leigh Waters, who is only 17 years of age, is the world’s best pickleball player. She became the youngest professional player at the age of twelve and won a championship in her first year. Beyond her age and ranking, Anna Leigh’s story embodies passion, perseverance, and hard work. Her impact extends beyond the court, as she plays a crucial role in popularizing pickleball, leaving an enduring legacy in the sport’s history.

Anna Leigh Waters’s Family 

Anna Leigh Waters comes from a family that is very supportive and supportive of athletes. Her folks, Alex and Leigh Waters, both effective competitors, imparted in her the upsides of difficult work and devotion since early on. Alex, a former University of Florida baseball player, is now a financial advisor. In the interim, Leigh, who played softball at Florida State College, fills in as a homemaker and mentor for Anna Leigh. They unwaveringly support their daughter’s pickleball career together, with Leigh serving as a mentor and Alex frequently accompanying her to matches. Alex and Leigh, who got married in 1994 and live in Bradenton, Florida, where they continue to be active in Anna Leigh’s life and career, were born in 1970 and 1971, respectively. Their impact has not just molded Anna Leigh’s prosperity on the court yet in addition shaped her into an empathetic and devoted individual, thankful for the illustrations and backing her folks have given all through her excursion.

Career of Anna Leigh Waters

Anna Leigh Waters started a remarkable journey when she became the youngest professional pickleball player and tournament champion at the age of 12. She has since progressed to become a national champion and multimillionaire athlete. Famous for her ability in the two singles and pairs, Waters has reliably ruled the court.

Collaborating with Catherine Parenteau, she secured the 2022 U.S. Open ladies’ duplicates title and won close by Corrine Carr at the Acrytech Atlanta Open and the Margaritaville USA Pickleball Nationals. Past her pairs triumphs, Waters has additionally succeeded in blended copies and singles rivalries. In 2022, she and Ben Johns won the mixed doubles national championship, and in the same year, she and Catherine Parenteau won the doubles national championship.

Additionally, Waters has won multiple Triple Crowns, a prestigious honor bestowed upon players who win each of a tournament’s three divisions. Right now positioned as the main player on the planet in singles, blended endlessly pairs by the Expert Pickleball Affiliation (PPA), Waters keeps on ruling the game.

Her unwavering dominance on the pickleball circuit is shown by her victories at prestigious PPA tournaments like the North Carolina Open and the Atlanta Open. With a great exhibit of accomplishments, Anna Leigh Waters has established her status among the game’s tip top players while hoarding critical achievement and abundance in her expert pickleball profession.

Anna Leigh Waters Income Sources

Anna Leigh Waters generates income through various avenues:

Pickleball Career:

Anna Leigh Waters’ income streams extend beyond just winnings from pickleball events. While she earns through collecting prize money from competitions, she also leverages her success to secure sponsorships from prominent pickleball brands. These partnerships not only provide financial support but also enhance her visibility and credibility within the pickleball community. Through a combination of tournament earnings and brand endorsements, Waters maximizes her earning potential while solidifying her status as a leading figure in the sport.

Modeling Career:

Anna Leigh Waters extends her influence beyond the realm of pickleball by serving as a model for various pickleball companies and other businesses. Through her partnership with these companies, she lends her image to promote their products or services, showcasing her versatility and marketability in the world of sports and beyond.

Social Media Earning:

With a substantial following of over 40,000 on Instagram, Anna Leigh Waters leverages her platform as a means of generating income. Sponsored postings stand out as one of the avenues through which she monetizes her social media presence. By collaborating with brands and promoting their products or services to her engaged audience, Waters effectively turns her online popularity into a source of revenue.


Anna Leigh Waters, the professional pickleball player, shares her experiences and insights through her blog, offering readers a glimpse into her journey in the sport. Beyond sharing her experiences, her blog serves as a platform for selling goods, adding another dimension to her online presence. Recognized as a victorious and captivating figure among pickleball enthusiasts, Anna Leigh Waters serves as a source of inspiration for many. With a trajectory marked by remarkable accomplishments, her ongoing journey promises even more incredible successes in the years ahead.

Anna Leigh Waters’s Relationship

Starting around 2024, Anna Leigh Waters stays unmarried, without any sign of any up and coming intends to seal the deal. At seventeen years of age, she communicates a solid obligation to zeroing in on her vocation and carrying pride to her folks. With her sights set on achieving further success in her professional endeavors, Waters has emphasized her dedication to her craft and does not currently find herself in a committed relationship.

Future plans

Looking ahead, Anna Leigh Waters envisions making a significant impact in the pickleball world. With ambitious plans to continue her winning streak in tournaments and further elevate her fame on the professional circuit, she remains focused on achieving greater success. Past her achievements as a player, Waters means to grow her impact by wandering into instructing, anxious to share her skill and coach yearning players. She has the potential to shape the future of the sport through her passion and dedication, leaving a lasting legacy in the sport thanks to her unwavering determination and exceptional skill.


At just 17, Anna Leigh Waters has already become a sensation in the world of pickleball, achieving remarkable feats that defy her age. From becoming the youngest professional player at 12 to securing numerous championship titles, including 6 US Open gold medals, Waters’ aggressive playing style and impressive record have earned her the title of World No. 1 in the mixed doubles, singles, and doubles for women. Her success has not only captivated audiences but also inspired young talents to embrace the sport, solidifying her position as a future powerhouse in pickleball.

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Anna Leigh Waters is the top female pickleball player at 16 after becoming a professional player at 12. Waters won eight triple crowns in 2022 and is coached by her mother Leigh Waters, who is also her doubles partner. According to her rep, she now earns a high-six-figure salary and is sponsored by Fila, Paddletek, and Carvana among others.

Life style of Anna Leigh Waters

Living in Florida with her parents, Anna Leigh Waters enjoys a lavish lifestyle befitting her success. Recently, she indulged in luxury by purchasing a Range Rover from Carvana, adding to her collection of assets. Additionally, she demonstrated her generosity and appreciation for her parents by buying them a new apartment in Florida. Despite her affluent status, Anna Leigh finds joy in simple pleasures, often spending her free time outdoors and engaging in leisurely activities, such as playing simple games.


  • Net Worth: Anna Leigh Waters’ estimated net worth is $2 million, primarily attributed to her successful career as a professional pickleball player and her various endorsements and income streams.
  • Income Sources: Her income primarily comes from her pickleball career, which includes tournament winnings and sponsorships. She also earns from modeling contracts, social media endorsements, and blogging.
  • Modeling Career: Anna Leigh Waters extends her influence beyond pickleball by serving as a model for various brands, showcasing her versatility and marketability.
  • Social Media Earnings: With over 40,000 followers on Instagram, Anna Leigh leverages her platform to generate income through sponsored postings, turning her online popularity into revenue.
  • Blogging: Waters shares her experiences and insights through her blog, offering readers a glimpse into her journey in the sport and selling goods as well.
  • Investments: While not explicitly mentioned, with her financial standing, it’s possible Anna Leigh Waters may also have investments contributing to her net worth.


How did Anna Leigh Waters accumulate her net worth?

Anna Leigh Waters amassed her net worth primarily through her successful career as a professional pickleball player, earning from tournament winnings and sponsorships. Additionally, she earns from modeling contracts, social media endorsements, and blogging.

Does Anna Leigh Waters have any other sources of income apart from pickleball?

Yes, apart from pickleball, Anna Leigh Waters earns from modeling contracts, social media endorsements, and blogging, contributing to her overall net worth.

What is Anna Leigh Waters’ estimated net worth?

Anna Leigh Waters’ estimated net worth is $2 million, attributed to her successful career in pickleball and various income streams.

How does Anna Leigh Waters monetize her social media presence?

Anna Leigh Waters monetizes her social media presence through sponsored postings, where she collaborates with brands and promotes their products or services to her engaged audience.

Does Anna Leigh Waters have any plans for further career expansion?

Yes, Anna Leigh Waters intends to expand her impact in the pickleball world by continuing her winning streak in tournaments and potentially venturing into coaching to share her expertise with aspiring players.


Anna Leigh Waters, an expert pickleball player at only 17 years of age, has made striking progress both on and off the court. She has built a solid financial foundation thanks to her stellar career, endorsements, and a variety of income sources, and her estimated net worth is $2 million. Anna Leigh maximizes her earning potential through modeling, blogging, and social media, in addition to pickleball. Anna Leigh Waters maintains her status as a prominent figure in the pickleball community with ambitious plans for the future that include increasing her success in tournaments and possibly coaching.

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