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Introduction of Mystikal

The American hip-hop singer Mystikal has a $2 million fortune. Before pursuing music, he had an unusual beginning to his career as a combat engineer in the US Army in the 1990s. His breakthrough record, “Mind of Mystikal,” brought him to prominence.

Mystikal has released six albums over the course of their career, all of which have received favorable feedback from both fans and critics. The RIAA’s gold or platinum certifications for each of his albums demonstrate his influence on rap. In addition to music, Mystikal tried acting in the early 2000s and made television appearances.

Mystikal has had legal difficulties despite his achievements, such as a prison sentence for sexual violence. Even so, his impact on hip-hop is still indisputable, confirming his standing as a flexible personality in the field.


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Net Worth$2 Million
BirthdateSep 22, 1970
Age53 years old
BirthplaceNew Orleans

Mystikal – Net worth

American rapper and actor Mystikal is well-known. He reportedly owns $2 million in bank accounts.The albums “Mind of Mystikal,” “Unpredictable,” and “Ghetto Fabulous” stand out in his repertoire in especially. Two of these albums are platinum certified; the later one reached at number five on the Billboard 200 list. At the top of the Billboard charts, “Let’s Get Ready,” his most successful album to date, debuted. This album also included the smash songs “Danger (Been So Long)” and “Shake Ya Ass”.

However, legal issues have hampered Mystikal’s career path. He was charged with sexual violence and extortion between 2004 and 2010, which might have resulted in jail time. Despite these difficulties, Mystikal’s contribution to the music business and influence on the rap culture are still significant.

Net worth growth

YearNet Worth
2024$2 Million
2023$1.5 Million
2022$1.3 Million
2021$1.2 Million
2020$1 Million

Who is Mystikal?

Mystikal, a well-known person in the hip-hop community, is presently worth $2 million. He makes $65 thousand a month and $500 thousand a year, which allows him to maintain a stable financial position. Mystikal, a 53-year-old American, is a significant contributor to the music business with his own style and thought-provoking lyrics. In 2024, Mystikal was still regarded as a reputable musician because of his contributions to the rap genre and his ongoing impact.

Mystikal – Early life

Born Michael Lawrence Tyler in 1970 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mystikal started his musical career at Cohen High School while still a teenager. He then signed up as a combat engineer in the US Army. His love of rapping took him to the Treme Center for an unforgettable outdoor event where he opened for legendary performers like Doug E. Fresh and Run-D.M.C.

Leroy Edwards, a producer connected to Big Boy Records, noticed Mystikal at this event and extended an offer for a recording deal. Mystikal’s debut album under the company, simply named “Mystikal,” was released in 1994. It soon became one of Big Boy Records’ most notable successes.

Following this triumph, a re-release of the album emerged in 1995 under the title “Mind of Mystikal.” This version featured notable diss tracks such as “Here I Go” and “Beware,” aimed at rival rappers like B.G. and Lil Wayne. These tracks not only showcased Mystikal’s lyrical prowess but also fueled the competitive spirit within the rap community.

Mystikal – Age

Michael Lawrence Tyler is the birth name of Mystikal, as he is well known by his stage name. Having made a name for himself in the music world, he is 53 years old. Although his stage persona enthralls audiences, Michael Lawrence Tyler, the man behind the music, may be glimpsed through his true name.

Mystikal – Height & Weight

At five feet and ten inches, or 1.8 meters or 180 cm, tall, Mystikal is a tall person. He weighs around 88 kilograms, or 194 pounds, in my estimation. Mystikal’s physique and stature are shown by his physical measures, which also add to his entire appearance as a public figure and artist.

Mystikal – Family

The structure of Mystikal’s family is centered on his mother, Marie Tyler, who was very important to him growing up. Mystikal, his sister Michelle Tyler, and his brother Maurice Tyler are close friends with his mother. Mystikal’s family connections highlight the significance of his upbringing and the support system that has influenced his life and career, despite the fact that information about his father is not readily available.

Mystikal – Sister (Michelle Tyler)

In September 1994, Mystikal faced a tragic event when his sister, Michelle Tyler, was murdered by her boyfriend. This devastating incident deeply impacted Mystikal and became a significant influence on his music thereafter. His compositions “Murder,” “Murder 2,” “Murder III,” “Dedicated to Michelle Tyler,” and “Shine” are just a handful that convey his inner anguish and struggle after his sister’s tragic demise. Through these tunes, Mystikal not only pays homage to Michelle but also addresses the brutal realities of violence and grief, adding a tragic layer to his musical repertoire.

Mystikal – Personal life:

Mystikal’s romantic history has seen him involved with several notable women, including singers Nivea and Monica in 2000-2001, and author Karrine Steffans in 2001. Additionally, Mystikal is a devoted father to two children, Million Tyler and Michelle Tyler.

Mystikal tragically lost his sister Michelle in 1994 when she was discovered dead in her house. They’d stabbed her and strangled her. Her lover and the grandson of one of the well-known Neville Brothers, Damion Neville, was found and charged with the crime. Mystikal’s life was irrevocably altered by this tragic incident, which shaped both his experiences and his music.

Mystikal – Relationship & Children

As of the most recent updates, Mystikal’s romantic status remains single, with no confirmed girlfriend or spouse. Despite this, his life is enriched by the presence of his two children: Million Tyler and My’chelle Tyler. While his personal life may be private, his role as a father undoubtedly brings joy and fulfillment, shaping his experiences and priorities beyond the spotlight of his career.

Mystikal – Music Career

After releasing his debut album in 1994 and signing with Big Boy Records, Mystikal rose to prominence in the rap community. Despite conflicts with other New Orleans rappers, he signed with Jive Records in 1995 and No Limit Records in 1996. In 2000, his album “Let’s Get Ready” made its debut at the top of the charts. Despite legal troubles and a four-year jail sentence, Mystikal persisted in his musical career and received a Grammy nomination in 2003. He returned to the stage in 2011 to demonstrate his continued passion of music.

Mystikal – Acting career

Mystikal has experimented with acting in addition to his endeavors in the music industry, showcasing his adaptability on the big screen. Among the movies in which he has acted are “Mac & Devin Go to High School” and “13 Dead Men.” With these film roles, Mystikal is able to go further into his creative abilities and establish his reputation outside of the music industry.

Mystikal – Assault and Arrest

A six-year jail term for sexually abusing his hairstylist in 2003 was the beginning of Mystikal’s legal woes, which have lasted for several years. His conviction resulted from incriminating evidence, even though he first claimed the meeting was consensual. To compound his legal troubles were additional arrests in 2012 and 2017 for probation breaches and rape charges, respectively. He was being held under suspicion for first-degree rape, simple robbery, domestic abuse, assault, strangulation, and property damage violations in Louisiana when he was arrested again in 2022.

Mystikal – Philanthropy

Despite running into legal issues along the road, Mystikal has remained steadfast in his support of charitable endeavors and community service. He has made kind donations to a number of humanitarian groups and has raised awareness of important social issues by using his position. Mystikal’s charitable endeavors demonstrate his commitment to having a good influence outside of the music industry and his desire to help and encourage people in need.

Social media

You can find Mystikal on various social media platforms:

  • Instagram: Click Here
  • Facebook: Click Here
  • Twitter: Click Here
  • TikTok: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here

These platforms offer opportunities to stay updated on Mystikal’s latest projects, connect with fans, and engage with his content.


Current Net Worth: Mystikal, the American hip-hop artist, possesses a net worth of $2 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights: He gained recognition with his breakthrough album “Mind of Mystikal” and has released six albums in total, including “Let’s Get Ready,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Financial Growth: Mystikal’s net worth has seen a steady increase over the years, starting from $1 million in 2020, reaching $2 million in 2024.

Legal Troubles: Despite his success, Mystikal has faced legal challenges, including a prison sentence for sexual violence, which has affected his career trajectory.

Musical Influence: Mystikal’s impact on rap culture remains significant, as evidenced by his albums receiving gold or platinum certifications from the RIAA.


What is Mystikal’s net worth?

Mystikal’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2024.

How has Mystikal’s net worth grown over the years?

Mystikal’s net worth has seen steady growth, starting from $1 million in 2020 and reaching $2 million by 2024.

What are some highlights of Mystikal’s musical career?

Mystikal gained prominence with his album “Mind of Mystikal” and achieved chart success with “Let’s Get Ready,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Has Mystikal faced any legal issues?

Yes, Mystikal has encountered legal troubles, including a prison sentence for sexual violence, which has impacted his career.

What is Mystikal’s influence on rap culture?

Despite his legal challenges, Mystikal’s impact on rap culture remains significant, as demonstrated by his albums receiving gold or platinum certifications from the RIAA.


American rapper Mystikal predicts that his net worth will reach $2 million by 2024. His first significant hit was his breakthrough album “Mind of Mystikal.” Since then, he has put out six albums, the most popular of which is “Let’s Get Ready.” Mystikal’s indisputable contributions to hip-hop culture have made him a notable figure in the business even in the face of legal troubles.

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