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William Lancelot Bowles Jr: Intro, Who is, Profile, Early life, Family, Wife, Son and More


William Lancelot Bowles, Jr. was the former husband of Phylicia Rashad, an accomplished American actress, singer, and stage director. Playing Clair Huxtable on the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show, Rashad became well-known. In 1985 and 1986, she received two Emmy Award nominations for this role. In 2010 at the NAACP Image Awards, she was dubbed “The Mother Of The Black Community”. Rashad furthered her presence and flexibility in the entertainment world by playing Ruth Lucas on Cosby, another way she displayed her talent.

Who is William Lancelot Bowles Jr ?

While Phylicia Rashād, the well-known actress, may not be a familiar face in William Lancelot Bowles, Jr.’s professional circles, his association with her catapulted him into the public eye. They created a unique bridge between the entertainment and dental industries with their partnership, which drew many people in.

Despite being mostly kept secret, their love tale captured people’s hearts. The specifics of their meeting and subsequent love affair are still unknown, but their relationship started with a mutual vow that was sealed with marriage on May 13, 1972. They started their lives together with hopes and dreams, surrounded by those they loved.

Even though they chose to keep their personal lives out of the public eye, the bond between William Bowles, Jr. and Phylicia Rashād left an undeniable impression. Their union represented the fusion of different worlds, showcasing the beauty and challenges of love across diverse backgrounds. Despite their eventual parting, the impact of their time together endures, illustrating the lasting influence of love and partnership.


NameWilliam Lancelot Bowles, Jr.
DescriptionWilliam Lancelot Bowles, Jr. is Phylicia Rashād’s former husband and a dentist.
MarriageSpouse: Phylicia Rashad
Date of Marriage: May 13, 1972
SonName: William Lancelot Bowles III
Birth Year: 1973
WifeName: Phylicia Rashad
Date of Birth: June 19, 1948

William Lancelot Bowles Early life 

The foundation for an incredible life full of events and a lasting legacy was laid on August 4, 1867, when William Lancelot Bowles Jr.was born in London, England’s central region. Born in England, his mother had an influence on his early years, as did his well-known Irish dentist father. William’s perspective on life was formed at a young age by the diverse cultures and customs he encountered while growing up in the busy streets of London. And so, surrounded by such diversity, he set off on a trip motivated by curiosity, ambition, and a profound respect for the range of experiences that make us human.

William Lancelot Bowles Family 

The union of William Lancelot Bowles Jr. and Phylicia Rashād thrived with the advent of their offspring, William Lancelot Bowles III, the ensuing year, inundating their existence with the ecstasy of parenthood. However, notwithstanding their aspirations, their union encountered turbulent waters. In 1975, subsequent to merely a handful of years together, they confronted the arduous decision to diverge paths, concluding the chapter on their matrimony.

Yet, Phylicia Rashād never relinquished her faith in romance. In 1985, she also entered into wedlock with Ahmad Rashād, a commentator of sports and erstwhile NFL athlete. Their tertiary nuptials were consecrated on November 28, 1985, when a sincere proposal transpired amidst a Thanksgiving Day football match that was broadcasted. By adopting her spouse’s surname, Phylicia Rashād embraced a rejuvenated commencement as a constituent of the Rashād lineage. On December 11, 1986, their progeny Condola Phylea Rashād entered the world in New York, initiating a novel epoch in their love saga.

Phylicia and Ahmad Rashād encountered their own trials alongside their jubilant moments together. They terminated their marital bond at the inception of 2001. Phylicia Rashād’s chronicle serves as an illustrious testament to fortitude, resilience, and the unyielding pursuit of felicity amidst life’s myriad unforeseen twists and turns in matters of the heart.

William Lancelot Bowles’s ex-wife

After separating from William Lancelot Bowles, Jr., Rashad proceeded to achieve noteworthy progress in her career. She famously adopted a vegetarian diet, matching her dietary decisions to her views on animal welfare and health promotion. Rashad’s career accomplished a noteworthy turning point in May 2021 when she became dean of the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts at Howard University. Her distinguished reputation and her commitment to nurturing up-and-coming artistic talent were emphasized by this prestigious post.

However, Rashad became embroiled in controversy in June 2021 after endorsing Bill Cosby, her former colleague, to be freed from prison. Her remarks caused a great deal of outrage, with many calling for Howard University to remove her from her deanship. In response to the criticism, Howard University made it clear that the official positions of the university were not always in line with the personal opinions of its leaders.

Acknowledging the impact of her remarks, Rashad issued a formal apology via email to students and parents affiliated with Howard University. This act of contrition demonstrated her readiness to recognize and address the concerns raised by her statements, while also reaffirming her dedication to fostering an environment of inclusivity and responsibility within the academic setting.

William Lancelot Bowles’s Son 

Billy Bowles is a well-known figure in the entertainment world. His true name is William Lancelot Bowles III. Actress Phylicia Rashad, who has captivated audiences for decades with her acting, singing, and directing prowess, is his mother. Billy’s life narrative, which commenced in 1973, is closely connected to his mother’s remarkable trajectory in the entertainment world.

Phylicia Rashad is best known for her portrayal of Clair Huxtable in the hit television show “The Cosby Show.” Her performances frequently arouse intense emotions in the audience and create a memorable impression. Because of her efforts, she has become well-known and has achieved prestige as a symbol in the entertainment business.

Billy clearly bears the weight of his mother’s remarkable career, even though we may not be fully aware of his exact birthday or place of birth. The remarkable accomplishments of Phylicia Rashad and her lasting effect on the entertainment business are reflected in his public presence.

William Lancelot Bowles III (Son ) age 

So, you know Billy Bowles, right? Yeah, he’s Phylicia Rashad’s son, but he’s not one to flaunt it. At 50, he’s still keeping things low-key, despite his mom being in the celebrity scene. You won’t catch him chasing the spotlight; he’s all about living life on his own terms.

Growing up with a famous mom could easily mess with your head, but not Billy. He’s got this laid-back vibe, doing his own thing without all the fuss. While his mom’s out there making headlines, Billy’s perfectly happy doing his own thing out of the public eye.

Billy’s choice to keep things private is really admirable in a society where everyone is vying for attention and avoiding cameras. He’s content to appreciate life’s small pleasures, like spending time with loved ones and doing what he enjoys, without striving for recognition or approval.

Billy is embracing his big 5-0 while being true to himself and managing the entire celebrity thing with grace. Yes, his mother is very important, but he is making his own way and following his own route. Billy’s easygoing demeanor serves as a reminder to be true to who you are in a society where being famous is the ultimate goal.

William Lancelot Bowles III new family 

William Lancelot Bowles III has a loving and somewhat complicated family history. In 1972, William Lancelot Bowles Jr. and Phylicia Rashad tied the knot. Unfortunately, their romance lasted only three years before they broke up in 1975.  William III continued to be a particular link between them even after their marriage ended, serving as a reminder of the love they previously had.

After the divorce, Phylicia Rashad went on to find love again in other relationships. One of those relationships brought William III a half-sister named Condola Rashad. Condola shares William’s bloodline but also carries the influence of her mom’s other partners.

Phylicia’s romantic life is not without its ups and downs. She married again in 1978, this time to Victor Mills, but the union disintegrated in 1982 as well. She never gave up on love, though. She found happiness in 1985 with sportscaster and former Minnesota Vikings player Ahmad Rashad. Phylicia saw her marriage as a brand-new beginning full of love, friendship, and aspirations for the future.

William Lancelot Bowles III Education 

Although all the information regarding William Lancelot Bowles III’s educational background is unknown, it is reasonable to presume that he completed his studies at a prestigious college or university and attended a private school. We’re not privy to all the details since, like many private individuals, he’s kept his academic career quite quiet. But given his background and family, it’s likely he got a solid education that matched up with his upbringing and the expectations set by his family.

William Lancelot Bowles III Net wort 

Though not much is known about William Lancelot Bowles III or his wealth, his mother, Phylicia Rashad, has undoubtedly created a name for herself in the entertainment sector. She has made a respectable salary over the years; estimates of her net worth range from $20 to $25 million.  She is unquestionably well-known in the entertainment business.

Regarding William Lancelot Bowles Jr., not much information is available, although it is estimated to be between $1 and 1.5 million. These are only approximations based on our current understanding; they are not exact figures. However, they unmistakably demonstrate that William’s parents have both done fairly well for themselves in their careers.


Amidst the annals of dental science, William Lancelot Bowles Jr., a practitioner of oral hygiene, ascended to public acclaim chiefly by virtue of his matrimonial bond with the esteemed thespian, Phylicia Rashad. Despite their concerted effort to shroud their intimate affairs in secrecy, the intertwining of their lives resonated profoundly with many. Their alliance symbolized the convergence of disparate realms and upbringings, imprinting an indelible mark despite their eventual parting of ways. Their progeny, William Lancelot Bowles III, has likewise maintained a discreet presence, epitomizing poise and genuineness amidst the glare of stardom.

Key Facts:

  • Occupation: William Lancelot Bowles Jr. was a dentist by profession.
  • Marriage: He was married to Phylicia Rashad, a renowned actress, on May 13, 1972.
  • Son: William Lancelot Bowles III, born in 1973, is their son.
  • Relationship with Phylicia Rashad: Despite their decision to keep their personal lives private, their love story garnered attention, representing the fusion of different backgrounds.
  • Legacy: Even after their separation, the impact of their relationship endures, highlighting the lasting influence of love and partnership.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Who is William Lancelot Bowles Jr.?

William Lancelot Bowles Jr. was a dentist and the former husband of Phylicia Rashad, a renowned actress.

What is his connection to Phylicia Rashad?

He was married to Phylicia Rashad, with whom he had a son named William Lancelot Bowles III.

How long were William Lancelot Bowles Jr. and Phylicia Rashad married?

They were married on May 13, 1972, and divorced in 1975 after a few years of marriage.

What is William Lancelot Bowles III known for?

William Lancelot Bowles III, also known as Billy Bowles, is known for maintaining a low-key presence despite being the son of a famous actress.

What is the net worth of William Lancelot Bowles Jr. and his family?

While specific details about William Lancelot Bowles Jr.’s net worth are not available, his ex-wife Phylicia Rashad has an estimated net worth of $20 to $25 million, primarily from her successful acting career.

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