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Who is daughter of Viktor Hovland ? 

Does viktor hovland have daughter ?

As of my last update in January 2024, there’s no indication that Viktor Hovland has a daughter. He remains unmarried and hasn’t spoken about having any children. Hovland continues to be in a dedicated relationship with Kristin Sorsdal, a Norwegian social media influencer. It’s crucial to confirm this information as personal circumstances can undergo changes.

Who is Hovland Viktor ?

Viktor Hovland, then, has been a major player in the golf world ever since turning pro in 2019. Do you recall his incredible amateur debut at the U.S. Open? Yeah, he set some records and then smoothly transitioned into owning the PGA and European Tours. This guy’s talent knows no borders.

Born on September 18, 1997, in Oslo, Viktor’s golf bug bit him thanks to his dad’s love for the game back in St. Louis, where he was an engineer. Viktor, his brother Mats Eriksen Hovland, and little sister Julie Hovland all got into golf at an early age. By the time Viktor hit 16, he was already bagging the Norwegian Amateur Golf Championship.

However, his journey didn’t stop there. At Oklahoma State University-Stillwater, Viktor pursued his golf career and won multiple notable championships, including the U.S. Amateur in 2018 and the Ben Hogan Award in 2019. That’s how you make a name for yourself in the US amateur and college golf scene!


So, you know Kristin Sorsdal, the Norwegian social media sensation? Well, she’s not just killing it online but also happens to be the girlfriend of Viktor Hovland, the golf champ from Norway. It’s like a power couple situation. Kristin is there cheering Viktor on at his golf tournaments, and they’re always sharing these awesome snippets of their travels and adventures on social media. It’s like getting a backstage pass to their relationship, adding this personal vibe to Viktor’s public image. Fans are loving it!

Personal life 

After talking about Viktor Hovland’s voyage, let’s explore his incredible story. At eleven years old, he started playing golf. September 18, 1997, was his birthdate in Oslo, Norway. Huge thanks to his parents, Harold and Galina Hovland, for helping to launch him. In 2018, he creates history by being the first golfer from Norway to win the U.S. Amateur. That’s the starting point of his golf stardom.

Now, let’s spill the tea on his love life. Viktor’s got a thing going with another Norwegian, Kristin Sorsdal. Kristin has been his strongest supporter both on and off the golf course since they began their romantic journey in 2019. Her passion is documenting their travels on social media, particularly Instagram, where she goes by @kristinjonassen. Not only is she Viktor’s No.1 fan, but she’s also a travel junkie and dishes out some serious beauty and fashion tips.

Talking numbers, Viktor’s got a solid 140,000 following on Instagram, but don’t sleep on Kristin – she’s rocking over 20,000 followers herself. Now, here’s the intriguing part – the deets on how they first crossed paths are a bit elusive. Rumor has it they might’ve connected during Viktor’s college golf days at Oklahoma State University in 2019, but hey, who knows for sure? As they navigate the golf world and life’s adventures together, Viktor Hovland’s story gets a whole lot more fascinating, thanks to his dynamic love story with Kristin Sorsdal.


So, let’s talk about Viktor Hovland’s digs. He’s posted up in Stillwater, Oklahoma – you know, right around the corner from the Karsten Creek Golf Club. Smart move, right? It’s like having his own golf playground at his doorstep. Why? Well, turns out Karsten Creek is the go-to spot for the Oklahoma State University golf team, and Viktor was a big deal there during his college days.

Living near this golfing hotspot isn’t just a random choice for Viktor. It shows how serious he is about his game, always having that prime practice spot just a hop, skip, and jump away. Plus, it’s a nod to his roots and the tight-knit support system that shaped his golfing journey. We might not have all the deets about his place, but the location alone says a lot about Viktor’s commitment to perfecting his skills at a place that’s practically his second home.


In the initiation of his professional golf journey back in 2019, Viktor Hovland swiftly elevated through the ranks, imprinting an enduring influence on the realm of sport. His odyssey from an eminent amateur to a commanding presence in the professional circuit stands as a truly extraordinary narrative. Securing triumph in ten professional tournaments, encompassing six on the PGA Tour and two on the European Tour, Hovland has undeniably entrenched himself as a formidable contender.

Remarkably, Hovland boasts the distinction of being the inaugural Norwegian golfer to secure victories on both the PGA Tour and the European Tour, underscoring his adaptability and dominance on a global spectrum. His conquests transcend individual tournaments, marking him as the pioneering Norwegian player to grasp both the FedEx Cup and the esteemed Ben Hogan Award, thereby reinforcing his position in the annals of golf history.

The burgeoning golfer has inscribed his name in the chronicles by accomplishing the extraordinary feat of attaining low amateur recognition at both the Masters and the U.S. Open within a solitary season, a manifestation of his extraordinary skills and unwavering consistency on the grandest platforms of the sport.

In the global rankings, Hovland has attained a personal zenith of third place, a testimony to his protracted excellence and competitiveness amidst the echelons of elite golfers on the worldwide stage. His laurels extend to team competitions as well, having represented Europe in two Ryder Cup tournaments, making substantial contributions to triumphs in 2021 and 2023.

The legacy of Viktor Hovland persists in its expansion, and he is widely acknowledged as one of the paramount golfers of his epoch. Infused with a fusion of talent, tenacity, and a sequence of remarkable achievements, Hovland’s impact on the panorama of golf is destined to endure for years to unfold.

Net worth 

Viktor Hovland has obviously accumulated a substantial amount of wealth—an estimated $17 million—during the course of his very short professional golf career, as evidenced by 2024. With the help of his ability to stay on course, Hovland became wealthy and well-known quite soon after he began his professional career in 2019.

Hovland has quickly amassed a modest career earnings of over $50 million as a professional golfer thanks to his reliable play and capacity to win large sums of money in a variety of competitions.

 Taking home the $18 million first-place prize at the 2023 Tour Championship was only one noteworthy example of his financial advantage after his win.

Hovland receives most of his money from sponsorship deals and prize money from golf competitions, which is a reflection of his on-course prowess. His popularity as a rising star in the golf industry has brought him agreements with leading companies, which has increased his wealth.

Due to his skill on the course, astute professional decisions, and sustained success in tournaments and sponsorship deals, Viktor Hovland is expected to amass even more fortune as he makes waves in the golfing community. He is a gifted athlete, but his financial history also demonstrates his potential as a major player in the professional golf industry.


As of the most recent information available, Viktor Hovland’s relationship status remains private and unconfirmed. Despite various speculations circulating in the media about a possible connection with Norwegian influencer Kristin Sorsdal, Hovland has not provided any confirmation or denial of these rumors. Insufficient evidence exists to support these claims.

During the 2021 Ryder Cup, Hovland attended the event without a designated partner, setting himself apart from most of his teammates. This choice suggests a focus on his golf career and personal life, with limited public disclosure about his romantic relationships.

It is important to clarify that rumors suggesting Viktor Hovland has a daughter are completely false. Investigations have shown that there is no basis for such claims. Currently, Hovland is reported to be single and without any children. However, it’s always advisable to stay updated with the latest information, as personal details can change over time.

Who is Kristin Sorsdaal ?

Social media influencer Kristin Sorsdal, a well-known Norwegian, is gaining attention for both her online persona and her relationship with gifted professional golfer Viktor Hovland. Undoubtedly, Sorsdal is Hovland’s biggest fan as seen by the numerous times she supports him at competitions and posts amusing glimpses of their trips and exploits on social media. Their relationship has become a talking point, offering fans a more personal look into Hovland’s life and the experiences they share as a couple.


As of the latest info in 2024, there’s no sign that Viktor Hovland has a daughter. Born on September 18, 1997, the Norwegian golf sensation has been rocking both the PGA and European Tours. His journey from golf prodigy to big-league player is quite the story.

Now, when he’s not on the green, Hovland’s got a thing going with Kristin Sorsdal, a Norwegian social media influencer. They invite followers into their world by revealing bits and pieces of their lives on social media. Furthermore, just to be clear, there isn’t—at least not right now—a dad-daughter dynamic.


  1. Viktor Hovland was born on September 18, 1997, in Oslo, Norway.
  2. He started playing golf at the age of eleven and quickly rose to prominence in the golfing world.
  3. Hovland attended Oklahoma State University-Stillwater, where he excelled in college golf and won several championships.
  4. In 2018, he became the first Norwegian golfer to win the U.S. Amateur.
  5. Hovland turned professional in 2019 and has since achieved significant success, winning multiple tournaments on both the PGA Tour and European Tour.
  6. He is known for being the first Norwegian golfer to secure victories on both the PGA Tour and the European Tour.
  7. Hovland has represented Europe in the Ryder Cup, contributing to team victories in 2021 and 2023.
  8. As of 2024, his estimated net worth is $17 million, with career earnings exceeding $50 million.
  9. Hovland’s success is attributed to his on-course performance, sponsorship deals, and strategic decisions in his professional career.


Does Viktor Hovland have a daughter?

No, there is no evidence or confirmation that Viktor Hovland has a daughter. As of 2024, he remains unmarried and without children.

Who is Kristin Sorsdal?

Kristin Sorsdal is a Norwegian social media influencer and the girlfriend of Viktor Hovland. She actively supports Hovland in his golf career and shares their experiences on social media.

What is Viktor Hovland’s net worth?

As of 2024, Viktor Hovland’s estimated net worth is $17 million, with career earnings exceeding $50 million.

What are Viktor Hovland’s notable achievements?

Hovland has won multiple championships, including the U.S. Amateur in 2018, and has secured victories on both the PGA Tour and the European Tour. He is the first Norwegian golfer to achieve such success.

Is Viktor Hovland in a relationship?

Yes, Viktor Hovland is in a relationship with Kristin Sorsdal, a Norwegian social media influencer. They share their experiences together on social media platforms.

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