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Rosaline Hoss: Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents( marriage, profession, net worth ) and More 

Who is Rosaline Hoss ?

Meet Rosaline Hoss, the daughter of the extraordinarily gifted actress and singer Stephanie Beatriz, a rising star in her own right. Stephanie’s fierce portrayal of Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine may have made you familiar with her. Brad Hoss, Rosaline’s father, may not be a household figure, but he has experience in the movie industry. In fact, he played a crucial role as a cinematographer in one of Stephanie’s short films, the charmingly titled “The Joy of Painting from Home with Stephanie Beatriz.” It seems like talent runs in the family!


Full NameRosaline Hoss
Date of Birth22 August 2021
Age2 (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthSherman Oaks, California, United States
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California
MotherStephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri
FatherBrad Hoss


Thus, August 22, 2021, saw the official birth of Rosaline, this little ball of light. Ever since, it seems as though she has a superpower: distributing happiness and love. Now, fast forward a bit on the calendar, and guess what? Rosaline’s about to hit the big “Terrible Twos” in 2023!

From learning to crawl to babbling those adorable first words, her journey from year one to the verge of turning two has been one wild ride.There have been innumerable “firsts” and “aww”-inducing moments.

Now, picture this: family and friends gearing up to gather around, all set to make some unforgettable memories as they throw down for Rosaline’s second birthday bash. The excitement in the air is real, and it’s all because this little nugget has this magical way of making everyone’s lives brighter.

Here’s to Rosaline – the tiny human who’s turning two but already knows how to steal the show with her cuteness! Get ready for some serious cake smashing and toddler dance moves!

Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss Marriage 

Back in October 2018, the incredibly talented actress and singer, Stephanie Beatriz, took the plunge into wedded bliss with director and actor Brad Hoss. The scene for their union was set in a dreamy ceremony in Los Angeles, and it was nothing short of magical. These lovebirds, who got engaged in 2017, poured their hearts into planning every detail, determined to capture the true essence of LA vibes throughout the entire affair.

Let me now describe this unusual party for you. Brad and Stephanie decided to do something a bit different from the customary ceremonial cake-cutting shenanigans by serving their guests delectable ice cream sandwiches. And hold on tight because they took the culinary game up a notch with a celebrity chef whipping up Hot Cheetos burritos, adding a dash of flavor that was as bold and unconventional as their love.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Picture this: a throwback dance to a ’90s tune that turned the evening into a nostalgic dance party. It was all about creating lasting memories for their guests, with a photo booth and even a manicure station at the venue. From the stellar food and drinks to these offbeat choices that screamed “Stephanie and Brad,” they crafted a wedding that mirrored the uniqueness and extraordinariness of their own love story. Cheers to breaking the wedding mold!

Life after marriage 

Stephanie Beatriz isn’t shy about showering her amazing husband with love on Instagram. Her posts are like love letters, expressing deep admiration and gratitude for the incredible person he is. Recently, this dynamic duo took their love to Japan, turning it into a romantic escapade.

Picture this: against the stunning backdrop of the Kaminarimon Gate, Stephanie and her husband did something magical. They packed their wedding outfits, and right there in the heart of Japan, they slipped them on. The result? An absolutely breathtaking and meaningful moment captured for eternity. It’s not just about the place; it’s about the shared spirit of adventure and the ability to turn their travels into a canvas for their unique love story.

Stephanie’s Instagram is basically a window into their romantic world, giving us a sneak peek into the beautiful connection they have. It’s like she’s inviting everyone to join in on the magic of their love-filled adventures. Now, that’s relationship goals right there!

Stephanie Beatriz Net worth


Stephanie Beatriz’s impressive acting career has given her the opportunity to accumulate a sizeable nest egg, estimated to be over $3 million. Her most well-known performance was possibly in the amazing TV show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Stephanie isn’t simply reaping praise from critics; her popularity in movies and television has been a huge money maker.

Her resume is like a treasure trove of diverse roles, and that’s not just about showcasing her talent; it’s a financial success story in the entertainment world. From the small screen to the big one, Stephanie’s career has been a lucrative journey. She’s not just making waves artistically; she’s also leaving a mark on the bank account in the dazzling world of showbiz. That truly qualifies as a double win!

Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hos Profession 

Rosaline Hoss hit the jackpot in the cool parents department with Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss, both making waves in the entertainment biz. Now, Brad wears a couple of hats in the industry—he’s an actor and cinematographer. But if we’re talking about acting gigs, Stephanie’s got him beat with her extensive list of roles.

Brad has been active in the industry since 1994 and has had a few movie appearances. Among other films, you may recognize him as School Boy in “Telling Lies in America” (1997) and in “My Summer Story” (1994). His last film stint was in “Hyenas” (2011) as the Bar Dude.

Now that Stephanie has been working hard since 2009, her career is a narrative unto itself. After a brief but memorable role in “The Closer” (2009), she went on to become a small-screen sensation as Rosa Diaz in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (2013–2021), Gina Cazador’s voice in “BoJack Horseman” (2018–2019), and most recently, the voice of Mira Popadopolous in “Q-Force” (2021) and Chimi in “Maya and the Three.” She has the acting and singing equivalent of the Midas touch, making whatever she touches turn to gold. What a strong couple they are!

Stephanie’s Funny Journey to Becoming Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Stephanie Beatriz had her sights set on the comedy world, and her audition for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” turned into a hilarious ride. At first, she aimed for the role of Amy Santiago, did the whole audition thing, and then got this unexpected twist. Casting director Allison and Jones threw Meghan into the mix, who eventually became the badass Rosa. Stephanie fully embraced the Meghan audition, complete with black boots and jackets that screamed Rosa vibes.

The rollercoaster continued with a screen test for both roles, kicking off with Amy. Imagine getting the chance to improvise with funnyman Andy Samberg! But nerves did their thing, and Melisa Fumero snagged the role. Cue a few tears and a feeling of rejection for Stephanie.

But here comes the good part. Stephanie’s screen test for Rosa was a hit, securing her the role that would become her career-defining moment on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Talk about unexpected twists and vulnerable moments! Stephanie Beatriz’s journey to becoming the beloved and iconic Rosa Diaz on the sitcom is a mix of laughter, tears, and everything in between.

Exploring Stephanie Beatriz’s Character Mirabel in “Encanto”

In a recent chat on This Morning, Stephanie Beatriz spilled the beans about her latest movie, “Encanto,” where she steps into the shoes of Mirabel. The interviewer couldn’t help but gush about how awesome the film is, and Stephanie, being her humble self, admitted she couldn’t take all the credit for its success but was totally stoked about the positive vibes.

Stephanie dived into the film’s heart, underlining that “Encanto” aims to be a window into the diverse world of family life. She’s crossing her fingers that people can relate to the family dynamics portrayed in the movie. And it’s not just about entertainment; Stephanie wants to shine a light on Latino culture and Colombian music, and it seems like audiences are loving the cultural journey she’s taking them on.

Hold on to your seats because Stephanie’s Disney song from “Encanto” has hit the charts’ numero uno, adding another shiny feather to her already pretty impressive cap. Now, when it comes to her character, Mirabel, Stephanie drew these cool parallels between Mirabel’s experiences and those of folks who’ve felt like the odd one out in their families. Mirabel, according to Stephanie, is a unique soul with a dash of bravery, a sprinkle of capability, and a truckload of humor.

And about that humor, Stephanie slyly took some credit, giving a big shoutout to the genius scriptwriters. Wrapping up the chat, Stephanie threw out this bold prediction: “Encanto” is going to be a repeat watch for many, all thanks to its killer storytelling. It’s safe to say Stephanie Beatriz is riding high on the success train of this one!


Little Rosaline Hoss, the adorable daughter of the amazing actress and singer Stephanie Beatriz and the talented cinematographer Brad Hoss, hit the big two in 2023, having come into the world on August 22, 2021. Stephanie, famous for rocking the role of Rosa Diaz in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” tied the knot with Brad Hoss in a one-of-a-kind ceremony back in October 2018. These two lovebirds love sharing their life’s adventures on social media, and one unforgettable moment was when they decided to strut around Japan in their wedding gear. Talk about making memories!

Stephanie Beatriz, with a cool net worth north of $3 million, has mostly raked in the cash from her stellar acting career. And hey, both Rosaline’s parents are knee-deep in the entertainment biz – Brad, not just a cinematographer but also a talented actor, and Stephanie, the queen of TV and movies. The road to Stephanie becoming Rosa Diaz had a little twist during auditions, making her journey even more fascinating.

And speaking of fascinating, Stephanie spilled the beans on her latest gig, voicing Mirabel in the animated flick “Encanto.” This film is all about showing off different family vibes and shining a spotlight on Latino culture and Colombian tunes. Oh, and did I mention Stephanie’s Disney song from “Encanto” is rocking the charts? Yep, her success train just keeps on chugging along!


  1. Rosaline Hoss was born on August 22, 2021, making her two years old in 2023.
  2. Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss got married in October 2018 in a unique ceremony featuring ice cream sandwiches and Hot Cheetos burritos.
  3. Stephanie Beatriz’s net worth is estimated to be over $3 million, primarily from her acting career.
  4. Both Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss have careers in the entertainment industry, with Stephanie gaining popularity for her role as Rosa Diaz in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”
  5. Stephanie Beatriz’s journey to becoming Rosa Diaz involved a surprising twist during the audition process for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”


Who are Rosaline Hoss’s parents?

Rosaline Hoss’s parents are Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss.

When was Rosaline Hoss born?

Rosaline Hoss was born on August 22, 2021.

What is Stephanie Beatriz’s net worth?

Stephanie Beatriz’s net worth is estimated to be over $3 million.

What is unique about Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss’s wedding?

Stephanie and Brad’s wedding featured unconventional elements, such as serving ice cream sandwiches and Hot Cheetos burritos.

What is Stephanie Beatriz’s most well-known role?

Stephanie Beatriz is widely recognized for her role as Rosa Diaz in the TV show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

What is Stephanie Beatriz’s latest movie?

Stephanie Beatriz voices the character Mirabel in the movie “Encanto.”

How did Stephanie Beatriz get the role of Rosa Diaz in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”?

Stephanie Beatriz’s journey to becoming Rosa Diaz involved a twist during the audition process, where she initially auditioned for a different role.

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