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Mamoudou Athie is a perceived Mauritanian-American performer and producer esteemed for his beguiling presentations across film and television. His wonderful positions recall appearances for acclaimed films, for instance, “The Circle” (2017), “The Pioneer” (2018), “Unicorn Store” (2017), “Lowered” (2020), and “Opened up” (2020). 

Additionally, he has made a long-lasting engraving on the little screen with his persuading portrayals in television series like “The Get Down” (2016-2017) and “Sorry for Your Setback” (2018-2019). Athie’s ability and devotion to his specialty have procured him acknowledgment, as confirmed by his Early evening Emmy Grant selection for Extraordinary Entertainer in a Short Structure Parody or Show Series for his part in “Goodness Jerome, No.” Brought into the world in Mauritania, Athie’s childhood was formed by his dad’s strategic vocation, prompting their movement to the US when Athie was only a half year old. 

Brought up in New Carrollton, Maryland, he leveled up his acting abilities through conventional preparation at the renowned William Esper Studio’s Two-Year Proficient Entertainer Preparing Project and later at the Yale School of Show.

Mamoudou Athie’s TV Shows

Mamoudou Athie’s excursion into acting started with an early energy for execution, charming crowds in his neighborhood with his natural ability. His yearnings drove him to seek after proper preparation at the prestigious Yale School of Show, where he submerged himself in different creations, improving his abilities for the screen. 

Graduating in 2014, Athie set out on his acting vocation, denoting his presentation with a minor job in the political show “Lady Secretary” (CBS 2014-). In 2016, Athie’s profession picked up speed as he got a supporting job in the element satire “Jean of the Joneses” (2016). 

Nonetheless, it was his depiction of a youthful Grandmaster Streak in the Netflix melodic show “The Get Down” (2016-) that really impelled him into the spotlight. The series, investigating the beginnings of hip bounce in 1970s New York, exhibited Athie’s ability and flexibility, earning him broad recognition. 

Under the course of acclaimed movie producer Baz Luhrmann, Athie’s presentation in “The Get Down” set his status as a rising star in the business. His excursion from neighborhood exhibitions to the big screen represents his commitment and enthusiasm for his art, making way for a promising profession ahead.

Mamoudou Athie’s Movies 

Mamoudou Athie’s initial introduction to film started with his second credit in Canadian movie producer Stella Meghie’s “Jean of the Joneses” (2016), a creation that debuted at the South by Southwest film celebration. This undeniable the start of his striking process in film, preparing for his most memorable critical job in essayist chief Geremy Jasper’s “Patti Cake$” (2017), a film that earned consideration and recognition following its Sundance celebration debut and ensuing merchant offering war won by Fox Searchlight. 

Proceeding to cause disturbances in the non mainstream movie circuit, Athie exhibited his ability in celebration debuted projects like “One Percent More Muggy” (2017), coordinated by Liz W. Garcia, and the fundamentally panned variation of Dave Eggers’ book, “The Circle” (2017), close by a ritzy cast. Athie’s flexibility as an entertainer was additionally exhibited in his depiction of a fictionalized Washington Post columnist in the Gary Hart show, “The Leader” (2018), coordinated by Jason Reitman. 

Progressing to enormous spending plan creations, Athie wandered into the domain of blockbuster film with jobs in movies, for example, the science fiction frightfulness “Submerged” (2020) and the $1-billion-netting continuation, “Jurassic World Territory” (2022). His climb in the streaming scene went on with featuring jobs in Netflix’s “Opened up” (2020) and Amazon Prime’s “Black Box” (2020), some portion of Jason Blum’s Welcome to the Blumhouse film series. 

In a takeoff from surprisingly realistic jobs, Athie made his voice acting presentation in Disney/Pixar’s “Natural” (2023), and he is set to show up in impending ventures like Amazon’s lawful show “The Entombment” and a dramatization coordinated by Yorgos Lanthimos, both promising further open doors for Athie to feature his gifts close by regarded partners in the business.

Who is Mamoudou Athie?

Mamoudou Athie emerges as a prominent figure in the realm of acting, heralding from Mauritanian roots but established as an American actor. His notable portrayals include the character of Dan Turner in the Netflix horror series Archive 81 and lending his voice to the Pixar animated film Elemental as the character Wade Ripple. Athie’s versatility as an actor shines through in these diverse roles, showcasing his ability to immerse himself in both live-action and animated storytelling formats.

Mamoudou Athie’s Age

Born in 1988, Mamoudou Athie, at 36 years old, has already made a significant mark in the world of entertainment. This Mauritanian-born American actor’s career continues to ascend, with standout performances across various mediums, solidifying his reputation as a versatile and talented artist.

Mamoudou Athie’s Height

Standing tall at a height of 6 feet and 3 inches, Mamoudou Athie possesses a commanding presence both on and off the screen. This stature complements his on-screen charisma, allowing him to inhabit roles with a powerful presence and captivate audiences with his performances.


  1. Early Life: Mamoudou Athie was born in Mauritania in 1988. His family later moved to the United States when he was just six months old.
  2. Education: Athie honed his acting skills through formal training at the William Esper Studio’s Two-Year Professional Actor Training Program and later at the Yale School of Drama.
  3. Career Beginnings: He made his acting debut with a minor role in the political drama “Madam Secretary” in 2014.
  4. Breakthrough Role: Athie gained recognition for his portrayal of a young Grandmaster Flash in the Netflix musical drama series “The Get Down” (2016-2017), directed by Baz Luhrmann.
  5. Versatility: He has showcased his versatility as an actor through roles in both film and television, spanning various genres from comedy to horror.
  6. Recognition: Athie received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for his role in “Oh Jerome, No.”
  7. Voice Acting: He made his voice acting debut in the Disney/Pixar animated film “Elemental” (2023).
  8. Upcoming Projects: Athie is set to appear in upcoming projects like Amazon’s legal drama “The Entombment” and a drama directed by Yorgos Lanthimos.


What is Mamoudou Athie’s nationality?

Mamoudou Athie is of Mauritanian-American nationality, born in Mauritania but raised in the United States.

What are some of Mamoudou Athie’s notable movies and TV shows?

Some of Mamoudou Athie’s notable movies and TV shows include “The Get Down,” “Patti Cake$,” “Archive 81,” “The Circle,” “Jurassic World Dominion,” and “Elemental.”

How old is Mamoudou Athie?

Born in 1988, Mamoudou Athie is currently 36 years old.

How tall is Mamoudou Athie?

Mamoudou Athie stands at a height of 6 feet and 3 inches (6’3″).


Mamoudou Athie is a gifted Mauritanian-American entertainer known for his enthralling exhibitions in both film and TV. His excursion into acting started with early preparation and neighborhood exhibitions, prompting striking jobs in acclaimed creations like “The Get Down” and “Patti Cake$.” Athie’s flexibility has been exhibited through a scope of kinds, from show to repulsiveness, and he keeps on growing his collection with forthcoming undertakings. At 36 years of age and remaining at 6 feet 3 inches tall, Athie orders consideration both on and off the screen, setting his status as a rising star in media outlets.

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